Texas Musics' Steve Coffman

"Steve Coffman -the best there ever was - the best there ever is."Ray Wylie Hubbard

March 4, 2016: Jack Ingram "Took a long drive thru TX today...to my sooprise, heard 2 songs in a row that I turned UP not OFF!" 

And that friends sums up Steve Coffman's Texas Radio - Music that you want to turn UP- not OFF. 

March 2016 : Glad to hear you are honoring this great man who we miss so much!
Judy Hubbard
WylieWorld Music, LLC

March 2016: Good luck with the station, Andrea and Hal Ketchum.

March 2016: Glad to hear that Steve's legacy still lives. Bless you. Thanks and all the best.....Gary P Nunn

May 2017: Count on me to help promote Radio Coffman in any way I can, and thanks again for stirring up the memories. Coffman didn't need coke or crank to maintain his break neck pace. He had only one gear on the square--head on and full throttle.  ​Sam Kindrick, Action Magazine​

Robert Earl Keen: “The Road Goes On Forever” ...With hindsight, Keen admits he no idea at the time of writing it that his song about a couple of ill-fated lovers running afoul of the law would have the legs it did, but he readily points to the forward thinking of DJ Steve Coffman of San Antonio radio station KRIO for helping to start the fire. “He talked the station into doing sort of a free-form programing format, basically anything he liked, which turned out to be some Texas music along with a lot of cool sort of pop music,” he says. “So all of a sudden, I heard my song back-to-back with the Sheryl Crow song that was popular at the time, and that was the first time that I really felt like I was a real part of the music business, despite having been in it already for a pretty long time. And right after that, I went to a show in San Antonio and there were 1,500 people there — whereas up to that point I’d been playing to, max, maybe 150. That was the real ah-hah moment for me that really got me going and kept me going, because before that I’d been doing this for eight or 10 years and had a lot of rejection but very little success.” excerpt taken from robertearlkeen.com