Texas Musics' Steve Coffman

STEVE COFFMAN, THE CEO OF THIS MULTISTATION COMBINE, has been pushing a Texas Radio format since he worked at KAFM in Dallas in the mid-seventies. His latest incarnation, focusing on the likes of Augie Meyers, Kelly Willis, and Junior Brown, has landed in the Bohemian Belt of south-central Texas, where quirky music has been made since the dawn of the twentieth century. The Reba-free playlist avoids what Coffman describes as “Nashville slick” (though it’s very much country in orientation), and it pulls the sort of younger audience that makes advertisers drool. “We’re actually making money,” Coffman says. Source:Texas Monthly Magazine

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Gawd I miss...

Pandora is about as close as it gets anymore, but Steve Coffman is what made that station.

Texas Music Magazine
 the best of all time and I know its gone was 98.7 in Victoria. Long live the Texas Mix